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Harmonizing Migration Networks: In Search of Inclusive and Sustainable Solutions
TitlePublished YearAuthorView Detail
ûԺѵԷյçҹҵصˡ÷Ţͧ (English and Thai)2014ѧ , ش ѡá, 駻Ѫҡ, ȡ ¸Թùҷ, Ѫ ¤ػ, 駹 §آ, ѭ Եüͧ, ҹ Ҵç, ԡ Ȫ·Ե, ɰ ɴ
ǨѡɳСèҧҹçҹ¶㹡Ԩõͧ (áԨٻҤ-ҷٹ) ͧ Thai Version: (A Survey of Migrant Worker Employment Practices in the Thai Tuna Processing Sector)2014ҧ ѹҹԪ, Ѫ ¤ػ, ҹ Ҵç, ѭ Եüͧ, ȨԹ Ъѹ, ȡ ¸Թùҷ, ѡ ǧ, íó ǧح¹ѹ
Anti trafficking review: Issue 2, September 20132013
Assessing Potential Changes in the Migration Patterns of Myanmar Migrants and their Impacts on Thailand (English and Thai)2013Premjai Vungsiriphisal, Michiko Ito, Heli Leskela, Ratchada Jayakupta, Waranya Jitpong and Pharatah Senapan
Employment Practices and Working Conditions in Thailands Fishing Sector (English and Thai)2013Supang Chantavanich, Samarn Laodumrongchai, Benjamin Harkins, Waranya Jitpong, Podesakorn Yothinneeranath
Humanitarian Assistance for Displaced Persons from Myanmar; Royal Thai Government Policy and Donor, INGO, NGO and UN Agency Delivery (English and Thai)2013Premjai Vungsiriphisal, Dares Chusri, Supang Chantavanich Editors
On the Move: Critical Migration Themes in ASEAN (English and Thai)2013Carl Middleton, Supang Chantavanich, Michiko Ito
Regulating Recruitment of Migrant Workers: An Assessment of Complaint Mechanisms (English and Thai)2013Samarn Laodumrongchai, Napapan Sangnate Der, Pairin Makcharoen, Benjamin Harkins
Resettlement of Displaced Persons on the Thai-Myanmar Border (English and Thai)2013Benjamin Harkins, Supang Chantavanich Editors
Temporary Shelters and Surrounding Communities; Livelihood Opportunities, the Labour Market, Social Welfare and Social Security (English and Thai)2013Yongyuth Chalamwong, Naruemon Thabchumpon, Supang Chantavanich Editors

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